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As a non-profit organization, the Motley provides financial support to individuals and groups whose work aligns with our Mission statement and engages the greater community. In the past, the Motley has funded numerous 5C clubs and organizations, sponsoring retreats, events, speaker series, and workshops. Our individual sponsorships help dozens of students attend conferences, pursue research opportunities, and expand upon their academic and personal interests both locally and globally each semester.

The Motley Sponsorship Program is primarily reimbursement-based, but we can offer funding-in-advance in some cases up to $100. Applications are considered weekly on a rolling basis by the current semester’s Motley Manager Team. Please direct inquiries, concerns, and feedback to the Assistant Head Manager at assistanthead.motley@gmail.com.

The application period for Motley sponsorships has is now open!

Click HERE for the COMMUNITY/GROUP application.

Click HERE for the INDIVIDUAL/THESIS application.

The deadline for sponsorship proposals this semester is Wednesday, November 27th at 9 AM.

If your application has already been granted a sponsorship, all receipts must be turned in by Wednesday, December 11th at 5 PM. Failure to submit receipts will result in the loss of the sponsorship.