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At the core of the Motley's mission statement is a commitment to sustainable and socially responsible supply chains. We carefully research and build relationships with all of our vendors, assuring alignment with our values. The majority of our products are organic, and many of them are either fair- or direct-trade.

Fair trade addresses the disparities between conditions of small-scale farms by forming cooperatives that sell to exporters. This certification guarantees fair wages for all workers.
Direct trade closes the gap between farmers and buyers. This allows the quality of the products (e.g. coffee beans) to provide fair wages with the expectation of responsible business practices.


klatch coffee

The Motley buys its coffee from Klatch, an award-winning micro-roastery that has been family owned and operated for 25 years. We have been working with Klatch since 2002, and we retain a close relationship with the owner and many members of the Klatch team. In turn, Klatch maintains close relationships with the farmers and communities from which they source their beans, frequently crossing the globe to inspect the farms for bean quality as well as sustainable and equitable environmental and labor practices. Over the years, we have sourced both fair- and direct- trade roasts, including a historical emphasis on their Cafe Femenino Coffee Project, which promotes women's empowerment in the coffee industry.


Maya chai

We source our Maya Chai because of its delicious taste, sustainable practices, and family history. Manish, the creator of Maya Chai, was determined to make his family's chai available to all people. He designed an easy and quick-to-prepare recipe, without compromising any of the virtues of his mother's original recipe. The name "Maya" refer to the first two letters of his and his brother's first names.


Clover Organic Farms

Clover Organic Farms is a socially responsible and environmentally-friendly company that works to produce high quality organic milk at a local level. They are non-GMO project certified, USDA organic certified, and HACCP certified. While all the Motley's milk is sourced from California, thereby reducing gas emissions used during transport, Clover provides our heavy whipping cream. To give it a try, ask for your drink with whipped cream!



Starting in Spring 2019, the Motley began sourcing delicious vegan and gluten free muffins, donuts, and more from Beehive Baker Girl, whose accessible and delectable treats can be found in many locations across Southern California.


5C Student bakers

We proudly sell a variety of pastries, baked goods, and other treats baked by students of the Claremont Colleges. At the beginning of every semester, the Motley hosts a student bake-off, where students are encouraged to bring their baked good to the Motley Sitting Room for sampling and voting. The event is attended by dozens of 5C students, eager to try the goods and cast their ballots. Based on these votes, the top bakers are awarded a paid weekly slot in our display case. Alongside many of our other products, we strive to maintain a variety of options that are sensitive to various dietary restrictions.

If you are interested in participating in this semester's student bake off, click here or email

For a list of this semester's student baked goods, click here!


The Last Drop Cafe

We serve muffins, cookies, and croissants from The Last Drop Cafe, located in the Claremont village. This local coffeehouse is particularly appealing to us for its delicious vegan and gluten-free options for our patrons with dietary restrictions.


Miss Donut and bagel

The Motley sources its bagels from this local shop, located just up Foothill Blvd. in La Verne. These high-quality pastries taste homemade, and they allow us to provide delicious vegan options to our customers!